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Meet The NVSTR:
Jamil Nelson

Formally known as The Calculated Investor, Jamil Nelson is an 5 year E-Commerce Business Owner, Stock Investor & Social Media Marketer. He has created a name aiding individuals by educating them on his Financial literacy platform known as "Wealth Tok" on Social Media. 

Jamil has a built and mentored a team of over 200 people helping them create income around their schedules via E-Commerce. As told in his first E-Book: "The NVSTR's Side Hustle Handbook" his first entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16 where he started a hustle of selling candy that soon turned from a few dollars a week in profit, to making nearly $400 every week.

Through his numerous experiences as an entrepreneur, he now focuses on impacting peoples' lives with the value that he's gained and sharing it to the mass population who otherwise do not have the same opportunity to access it, through his social media platforms.

Whether it be stocks, or marketing yourself, Jamil is becoming one of the best to do it. Since starting what is now known as "The NVSTR's Hub", Jamil has reached & impacted more than 30,000,000 people with his content and style of educated people on financial literacy and tapping into their true potential.

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